Makati aims to be the first smog-free city

April 23, 2010

With 800,000 cars passing through the city everyday, officials knew that the amount of pollution that goes into Makati skyline is serious business.

“Makati once again accepts the challenge of being the leader of an innovative and viable approach of promoting a clean and sustainable environment. This has certainly brought our continuing advocacy for the environment into a much higher level,” Danny Villas, head of the Department of Environment and Sanitation of Makati City says, as they took the initiative to walk hand in hand with OneWallOneWorld campaign.

Makati now seeks to clean the air one wall at a time with the breakthrough paint technology of BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™ that’s been proven to take away eight cars worth of emissions per square meter painted.

“We are proud that Makati launched another meaningful impact by being the frontrunner of fighting against air pollution in the country,” says Marjorie de Veyra, city administrator of Makati. “Makati being a smog and air pollution-free city wouldn’t be a dream anymore as we clean the air one wall at a time.”

Mr. Billas also shares that this effort is part of the “Green Walls” initiative – a project that sought to repaint the walls along some of Makati’s bussiest streets. But what was initially a city beautification project evolved into a major movement to fight air pollution when they learnt about OneWallOneWorld and the air cleaning properties of BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™.

The project seeks to repaint the walls of Lawton Avenue, Brgy. Cembo, JP Rizal to Kalayaan Gate-One.

During the launch, they unveiled a mural depicting life of Filipinos painted and conceptualized by artist Roel Obemio from the Center for Art New Ventures & Sustainable Development.

Aside from the Makati city government, other stakeholders that have taken a part of the OneWallOneWorld initiative include the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities, Partnership for Clean Air and the Philippine College of Chest Physicians.

To join OneWallIOneWorld log-on to The site aims to mobilize Metro Manila’s citizens to work together to turn ordinary walls to air purifiers to help make Manila’s air cleaner and healthier.
-Courtesy of Business World (April 23, 2010) and Philippine Daily Inquirer (April 16, 2010)