DB Schenker: Battling air pollution in pursuit of a healthy environment

January 2012

In these days, climate change is being blamed for hastened environmental degradation. Vehicular traffic and its resulting air pollution is something that most people living in urban areas accept as a fact of life.  But while sitting in traffic may test one’s patience and raise blood pressure every now and then, the health effects from exposure to air pollution are much more serious.

According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution kills 3 times more people each year than automobile accidents — that’s 3 million people a year dying from the effects of air pollution, thrice the one million deaths associated with vehicular accidents worldwide.

A separate study done by the European Commission reveals that air pollution reduces human life expectancy by nine months. In addition, 7%-20% of cancer cases are associated with the harmful effects of air pollution. In Manila, the 2007 Philippine Environment Monitor says that one out of every eight premature deaths have been found to be caused by air pollution.

These alarming findings have prompted the necessary actions from various industry leaders worldwide, and DB Schenker-Philippines has undertaken an approach that not only addresses the problem in an innovative way, but also champions Filipino ingenuity.

DB Schenker (DBS) is a global logistics company and the leading provider of integrated supply chain solutions in the Philippines. It is the second largest logistics company in the world with operations in 130 countries. It is also a member of “Samahan sa Pilipinas ng mga Industriyang Kimika (SPIK)” and Responsible Care, and now the first logistics firm to champion the fight against air pollution by using BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™ — the first air cleaning paint in the world with CristalActiv™ photocatalytic technology, which uses light energy to transform water vapor into free radicals that turns ground level smog into harmless substances.

“DB Schenker is an environment-friendly company and we want to do our share in reducing carbon footprint whenever and wherever possible,” says Jason Ello, DBS Compliance and Procurement Senior Manager. “Our primary goal is to really help the environment and to also drive other companies, even our competitors, to follow suit.”

By embracing the One Wall One World advocacy —a project that aims to clean Metro Manila’s air “one wall at a time” — DBS has pioneered an environment-friendly campaign by recognizing the anti-air pollution benefits of BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™. Using BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™ to paint their office walls and buildings, DBS has continually sustained its environment-conservation efforts while at the same time ensuring that its logistics processes, equipment, and facilities are at par with, or even better than, the standard.

“Globally, we have launched our DB Schenker ‘Going Green Project’ where all subsidiaries are encouraged to follow programs to reduce carbon footprint through a number of programs,” Ello tells. “We’ve also launched some basic projects aimed at supporting the Going Green Project — from paper recycling, remanufactured inks and toners, water and electricity conservation drives, use of waterless urinals, and of course, using BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™ to paint our establishments.”

BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™, a Filipino paint innovation, was developed and scientifically engineered with the help of Cristal Global, the world’s leading ultrafine titanium dioxide (TiO2) producer. It can clean the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions of up to 10 cars passing by the painted area per day, based on the results of a recent depolluting paint trial — the largest ever test, painting over 5,200 sq. meters with close to 1,000 liters of KNOxOUT™ done at the Guadalupe MRT station in EDSA and supervised by the Manila Observatory, the country’s oldest scientific research institute.

“We embrace a goal to address or correct the situation and that we, as a country take part, even in our own little way, to make it happen,” Ello continues. “If we want to further develop as a country, we need to have healthy people running our economic engine, and for me healthy living starts with clean air and a clean environment.”

Wanting to spread the message across the broad economic classes in the society, DBS-Philippines is urging other companies to join the cause and unite to combat air pollution.

“At the end of the day, it is a commitment to earth-preservation where the beneficiary is not just their company or its people but everyone — the whole of mankind. What else could be better?”