BOYSEN® awards contract for KNOxOUTTM air-cleaning paint distribution in Iran

June 2013

Iran-based company Pars Silk Road Caravan, Ltd. has reached an agreement with Pacific Paint (BOYSEN®) Philippines, Inc. to distribute KNOxOUT™  in Iran. Signing the deal are Pars Silk Caravan business development manager Mr. Majid Qaqazani and BOYSEN® Vice President Mr. Johnson Ongking.

BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™ has made waves in the paint industry as the first air-cleaning paint in the world with CristalActiv technology. KNOxOUT™’s CristalActiv technology, which has been used to reduce NOx emissions in power plants and motor vehicles for over 30 years, uses light to break down nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds into harmless substances. Aside from the United States, BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™ has also established distribution partners in U.S., Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia; with negotiations ongoing for other countries.