Let's Paint Trees

Let's Paint Trees

Boysen has a unique solution to fight pollution. KNOxOUT Air Cleaning Paint is the first air purifying coating in the world with CristalActiv technology. Using the photocatalytic process, KNOxOUT is unlike any ordinary paint. With light, it turns dangerous Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other air pollutants into free radicals and with water vapor, these pollutants are turned into harmless substances.

But how will you plant trees in the city?

It’s too crowded, and trees need space to grow! Tree planting is one of the most popular forms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). However, after a tree planting activity it is crucial, especially in the first five years to nurture the seedlings everyday. They just don’t grow by themselves. Without special attention, the seedlings usually just die.

Where we cannot plant trees, LET'S PAINT TREES instead to help CLEAN THE AIR.


How is painting with KNOxOUT similar to planting trees?

Both KNOxOUT and trees take out air pollutants like NOx from the air. A mature tree cleans 155 grams of NOx per year.

It is estimated from a trial of KNOxOUT at a metro rail station along Manila's busiest road that one square meter of KNOxOUT can take out up to 160 grams of NOx per square meter per year. (Estimates from a trial in London using a clear version of KNOxOUT indicate even higher NOx reductions.)

So, if one square meter of KNOxOUT cleans up to 160 grams of NOx per year and one mature tree cleans 155 grams of NOx per year, then 1 square meter of KNOxOUT = 1 mature tree.

Every square meter of KNOxOUT can clean up to the same amount of smog-causing NOx as one mature tree.


Other things to consider: